Vacuum Insulation Panels

ShieldVIP is our range of high performance microporous insulation panels covered in an impermeable polymer outer envelope which is heat sealed under vacuum to optimise the thermal performance.

The core of the ShieldVIP panel insulation is a blend of filament reinforced silica and an opacifier. The outer envelope is an ultra-low permeation barrier film that comprises multiple metalised polymer layers. Exact barrier film specification may vary according to the application.

ShieldVIP core material is non-combustible and complies to the requirements of DIN4102. It is environmentally safe and completely recyclable.

  • Best thermal properties of all ShieldTHERM products
  • Very low TC value of 4.2 mW/m K (centre of panel)
  • Usable in warm and inverted scenarios
  • Perfect for areas with limited heights
  • High R-value (4.8 m²K/W per 20 mm)
  • Lightweight & thinnest insulation available
  • Stable long term thermal performance
  • Environmentally safe, contains no respirable fibres
  • Excellent resistance to compression

You’re protected with Shield on your side

Shield Membranes Limited’s strength is in the variety of it’s system ranges and services, all products relating to external waterproofing and finishing are available through us. Shield is the first new UK based entity to venture into the felt membrane manufacturing industry industry for 30-years. Based in Corby, this gives us a centralised location giving us great supply links to all our distributors and installers nationwide.