Liquid Applied Waterproofing System

ShieldSEAL liquid applied system is one of very few BBA approved, single part products on the market. It air cures meaning there is no need to mix a separate hardening chemical like most cold applied systems making it user friendly and easy to apply.

ShieldSEAL is a High Performance, cold applied waterproofing system. It is a one part, ‘wet on wet’ system for use on both pitched and flat roofs.

ShieldSEAL is ready to use straight out of the tin and can be installed on new build or existing roofs, walkways, balconies, gutters, etc. Due to its excellent adhesion it can be applied on several surfaces: plywood, bitumen membranes, asphalt, metals, brick and concrete.

• Cold Applied system, no heat required.
• Suitable for flat (zero falls) roofs.
• Good durability – lasts for 25 years when installed as per manufacturers guidelines.
• When applied to concrete substrate, can accept without damage limited foot traffic and light concentrated loads.
• Weather tightness – System will resist passage of moisture into buildings.
• Self terminating.

You’re protected with Shield on your side

Shield Membranes Limited’s strength is in the variety of it’s system ranges and services, all products relating to external waterproofing and finishing are available through us. Shield is the first new UK based entity to venture into the felt membrane manufacturing industry industry for 30-years. Based in Corby, this gives us a centralised location giving us great supply links to all our distributors and installers nationwide.