Asphalt screed system

ShieldSCREED is a proprietary mastic asphalt screed designed to be an alternative to traditional concrete screed. It is manufactured using bitumen, synthetic polymers, fillers and graded aggregate as well as additives where appropriate to make it suitable for a range of different uses.

ShieldSCREED is a polymer modified mastic asphalt that will provide substantial and continuous support to the subsequent mastic asphalt application and can be purpose designed for applications ranging from roofing; both traditional and protected membrane, balconies and access walkways through to car or lorry deck specifications.

A number of formulations are available depending on the required application, such as to mitigate long and short term deflection, as a permanent fully-bonded protection layer for other shield waterproofing systems or for areas requiring falls.

In addition to replacing a wet trade ShieldSCREED can be trafficked when cooled to ambient temperature after approximately 24 hours, and provide temporary waterproofing to the structure to allow internal trades to progress.

There is no extended drying or curing time allowing fast track techniques to be employed resulting in earlier contract completion.

  • Great compressive strength
  • 24 hour cooling time rather than the extended curing time of concrete
  • Specific formulations for varying applications
  • High dimensional stability
  • Fully bonded protection layer
  • Permanent protection layer
  • most robust waterproofing protection layer on the UK market, being able to withstand scaffolding and HGV use

You’re protected with Shield on your side

Shield Membranes Limited’s strength is in the variety of it’s system ranges and services, all products relating to external waterproofing and finishing are available through us. Shield is the first new UK based entity to venture into the felt membrane manufacturing industry industry for 30-years. Based in Corby, this gives us a centralised location giving us great supply links to all our distributors and installers nationwide.