British Standard

Asphalt waterproofing and protection systems

British Standard mastic asphalt grades are one of the oldest forms of industrial waterproofing in Britain still in use today. Due to the proven track record of mastic asphalt waterproofing and the continued development of the products they have remained common place in construction since it was first patented in 1837.

British Standard mastic asphalt is used in a wide range of construction applications; both new build and refurbishment, where a smooth, seamless, durable surface is required.

The product comprises suitably graded limestone aggregates bound together with an asphaltic cement (primarily refined bitumen) to produce a dense, voidless material. It cannot be compacted, and is laid by means of a hand float, rather than rolled. It is manufactured to BS 6925:1988, which encompasses roofing, flooring grades, tanking and a number of other grades for different applications.

We can provide British Standard mastic asphalt in palletised blocks or in a hot charge tanker ready for install.

Our British Standard grades of mastic asphalt are certified by the BSI, assessing and confirming the continued quality of these products.

We offer the following grades of British Standard Mastic Asphalt:


  • R988-B
  • R988-t25


  • F1076-1
  • F1076-2
  • F1076-3
  • F1076-4


  • T1097-t25


  • Unparalleled track record
  • Hard wearing
  • Varying applications and grades

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