ShieldROOT M

Root resistance membrane

ShieldROOT M is specially formulated with a root diverting additive to stop any penetration of plant life from breaching the integrity of the waterproofing. It is designed to be used in conjunction with ShieldLIVING and ShieldSCAPE living areas.

ShieldROOT M has been specifically designed to protect a waterproofing layer from plant roots while being part of and increasing the integrity of the roof. The system integrity of living roofs is critical to ensure permanent waterproofing below the growing medium.

ShieldROOT M is designed to have the same technical specification as our ULTRAShield range. Thus meaning it is tested, manufactured and certified to be un-compromised and effective at temperatures down to -15°C, to withstand light foot traffic, mechanical stresses, and high temperatures. The membrane has a reinforced spunbond polyester base.

With charcoal mineral chippings on the top surface and fine sand on the under side, ShieldROOT M can be used as a standard torch on for horizontal, vertical and sloped areas, or as a cap sheet.

  • BBA Certified
  • CE certified
  • High performance
  • Effective down to -15°C
  • Specially formulated to prevent root penetration
  • For use under all living areas
  • Specifically designed to be used with ULTRAShield and ShieldTEC systems
  • High quality reinforced bases to improve durability

You’re protected with Shield on your side

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