Approved Installers

Nationwide Network

Shield Membranes Ltd work closely with numerous waterproofing installers across the UK, these specialist trade contactors are trained and constantly assessed to assure they meet the highest standard of skill and professionalism in the construction industry. Shield’s technical and installation managers are here to assist and guide our industry leading approved installers, so they can provide the best system and installation for any project.

With our experienced team we assist our approved installers with all aspects of their projects, including but not limited to;

  • Training
  • Procurement
  • Use of certified, high performance systems
  • Specification and design
  • Stocking and logistics
  • Expert on-going advice

Shield also can provide insurance backed dual warranties for our inspected systems installed by Shield’s approved installers, giving you peace of mind.

If you require a Shield system installer, or are interested in becoming a Shield Membranes Ltd approved installer, please CONTACT US.