ShieldFELT VENTShield

High Performance Felt Membranes

VENTShield is a perforated underlay designed to allow partial bonding between bitumen products or through to the substrate.

VENTShield is a perforated venting layer and is composed of a perforated glass fibre reinforcement which is saturated and then coated in polymer modified bitumen compound. A fine sand or thermofusible film finish is applied to the top surface and a thermofusible film to the back surface. The thermofusible film over the perforations melts away during application and allows bitumen to flow through the perforations to spot bond to the substrate.

  • CE Certified
  • Partial bonding layer
  • Large area rolls
  • Sand or film options
  • Customisable roll size options
  • Loose laid

You’re protected with Shield on your side

Shield Membranes Limited’s strength is in the variety of it’s system ranges and services, all products relating to external waterproofing and finishing are available through us. Shield is the first new UK based entity to venture into the felt membrane manufacturing industry industry for 30-years. Based in Corby, this gives us a centralised location giving us great supply links to all our distributors and installers nationwide.