Non-Combustible Cellular Glass Insulation

ShieldGLASS is a high compressive strength,  non-combustible thermal insulation suitable for all types of warm and inverted flat roofs as well as lorry and car decks. It offers a Euroclass A1 rating and is a highly durable product with an excellent compressive strength.

It can be used in a wide range of applications, including the roof and external walls of buildings; lorry and car decks, high-temperature, corrosion projects, and many more.

Glass powder is the primary component of cellular glass insulation, which makes ShieldGLASS environmentally friendly and recyclable. Cellular glass is used for building insulation, fire proofing, within waterproofing systems on warm and inverted roofs and on car and lorry decks. It can last as long as the building exists without any deterioration of its characteristics.

You’re protected with Shield on your side

Shield Membranes Limited’s strength is in the variety of it’s system ranges and services, all products relating to external waterproofing and finishing are available through us. Shield is the first new UK based entity to venture into the felt membrane manufacturing industry industry for 30-years. Based in Corby, this gives us a centralised location giving us great supply links to all our distributors and installers nationwide.