Made In Britain

Shield Membranes possess over 50 years of knowledge and experience in the roofing and construction industry, firmly rooted in our family values of commitment to our clients, quality, and innovation. Shield Membranes strives to improve our already high performance in order to meet the demand and growing development backed by accreditation, comprehensive guarantees and technical support. Manufacturing in the UK allows us to service our UK customers and clients and keep lead times to a minimum.

We support our clients with the most thorough design and technical support to aid them to have the best systems available. Whether it be for a new or existing development our focus is to provide the most suitable solution, taking into account the budget, design aesthetics, thermal performance and any other requirements. We pride ourselves in building long standing relationships with some of the UK’s leading merchants, clients, specifiers, main and specialist roofing contractor whilst aiming to follow suit with professionalism.

Quality and Innovation

Shield Membranes are dedicated to maintaining the high quality of our products through our Quality Assurance Plan. Each part of the manufacturing process, from raw materials to the end product are subject to constant quality checks to ensure the highest standard.

Every product we manufacture is tested in our in-house lab to ensure it is the highest quality. Multiple parts of each batch are sampled and tested before being approved. Our laboratory is audited multiple times a year by numerous certification bodies to ensure that each test is being carried out to the highest standard.

We believe in constant improvement, and invest yearly in research and development. We are holders of the internationally recognised, ISO 9001:2015 certificate that emphasises commitment to quality. Our R&D department is dedicated to the continual development of our products and systems, to keep us at the forefront of the roofing and construction industry.

Living and Blue Roof Installation

Shield Membranes are not only one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of waterproofing and roof finishes in the UK, we also install roof and podium finishes to the highest possible standard. Shield Membranes are able to design, supply and install all roof and podium finishes that have all been specifically designed to be used with shields waterproofing systems.

With the support of our industry leading systems such as ShieldBLU, ShieldLIVING and ShieldSCAPE, as well as our experienced and professional team of designers, managers and contractors we are able to take on any size project and give you or your clients roofs and podiums our complete, unbeatable service from start to finish.


Equality & Diversity

Our company believes that equality, diversity and inclusion is integral to a successful modern workplace. We thrive to develop and implement policies and systems that challenge stereotypes across all aspects of our workforce.

Shield Membranes are committed to the employment of apprentices in all aspects of the business.

Health, Safety & The Environment 

We pride ourselves on promoting a positive safety culture in our own and client’s sites. We ensure the equipment, systems and procedures in place keep everyone safe. Our team is equipped with professional Health & Safety and Environmental Managers to lead our thinking in a practical way to achieve healthier, safer and less impactful working conditions.


Our knowledge and expertise, in combination with our progressive, proactive atmosphere provide an effective combination that continuously sets us apart from the competition. We collaborate, innovate, make decisions, and execute with speed. We embrace opportunities and challenges which puts us at the forefront of the industry.


At the forefront of our philosophy is a focus on results. We demonstrate a determined effort to meet commitments and consistently deliver better results through goal setting, clear communication, and project planning. Our committed and highly trained team will ensure efficiency and a high quality of service and product. This approach is evident in our consistent delivery time after time.


As a manufacturer, we collaborate with companies in a range of sectors such as Architecture, Engineering,  Manufacturing and Construction. We also work closely with numerous laboratories, test houses and certification bodies to allow us to provide the best and most consistent systems available.


Our manufacturing procedures are independently audited to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Quality Management System, as well as possessing BBA, CE and BSI certifications. Shield Membranes offer a range of warranty options, typically between 10-35 years, covering product, design and installation.